WW1 — in trenches, public domain
WW1 — soldiers in trenches. The real glory of WW1.

Lions led by donkeys — a short story about Brexit liars — filthy rich people, residing usually in sunny France and spending UK taxpayers money

The Story

The story if very short. As if WW1 and WW2 were not enough, some politicians invented a stupid, idiotic, brain-damage-like idea of Brexit referendum. They lied to people about glory which will fall upon the United Kingdom, after Brexit.

What we got instead of the glory? Well, to give you simple example and save your time: if you buy a stuff abroad, let’s say a camera, via — for instance — an auction site, they steal from you 20% of VAT. Before Brexit you could buy in EU whatever you liked, via some auction sites, and pay no fees upon sale price.

Conclusion 1

The rule of thumb is simple: populists and conservative governments sell usually sick ideas. And Brexit is one of such examples. After Brexit, in UK, filthy rich will be richer, and poor will be poorer.

Conclusion 2

To get a job, like to be a teacher, you do need some skills. To be a politician and get taxpayers money you can be an idiot.

Conclusion 3

Scotland has as many reasons to leave UK, as it never had. I am against Scotland leaving UK. But, probably, for Scotland, it would be the only way to avoid problems like Brexit. How do we know what next sick ideas, as sick as Brexit, politicians are preparing?

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